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DS-Files is used to access the DS-Filestore personal file spaces from outside the Managed Cluster Service via a web interface. Unlike CIFS, it can be used from outside the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN).


DS-Files Web interface

Use the DS-Files web interface at This enables you to list your DS-Files files, transfer them (including drag and drop from the local machine to DS-Files only) between DS-Files and your local machine, delete, rename, or move them. You can display but not edit the contents of some types of file (depending on the capabilities and configuration of your web browser). It is available outside the cam domain, unlike the CIFS service.

When you go to the web interface it will request your Desktop Services username and password, and your home directory will be presented to you by default.


To find UX, go to Workspaces (top right) and select UX



Updated: 5th March 2014