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Access to your Desktop Services filespace

When you login at a Managed Cluster machine, you have immediate access to your Desktop Services filespace (previously known as your PWF filespace). However, you can also access this filespace from elsewhere, for instance from a College room or from home, in a number of different ways. Which method is most convenient for you will depend on exactly what you need to do and on your own machine and its configuration.

  • CIFS:  The easiest process is to mount your personal filespace directly on your desktop, so that it just looks like another device like a CD drive or USB flash memory. This is straightforward if your machine is within the cam domain (and not using eduroam); using CIFS.
  • DS-Files:If you are outside the cam domain you can use a Web interface via DS-Files - This provides slightly more restricted facilities, depending on the capabilities and configuration of your web browser.
  • File transfer:You can always operate by transferring files using normal file transfer utilities. To do this, connect (using any file transfer program that supports SFTP) to using your standard Desktop Services username and password.
  • Remote login:From any system you can login remotely (using ssh or slogin) to MCS Linux (login to and manage your files directly using Unix commands. 
You can remotely check your quota at


Last updated: 14 October 2014