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Desktop Services printing facilities

The printing facilities offered by Desktop Services are available from any computer connected to the Cambridge University Data Network or beyond, subject only to the individual user having authority to use a particular printer. In practice the process is rather different depending on whether you are sending files to a printer from a Managed Cluster machine or from your own system elsewhere on the network.

DS-Print printers are available in Managed Cluster rooms in the University Information Service and many other University Institutions. They are also available in various institutions independently of any Managed Cluster via the Managed Printing Service. Information about what is available in a particular institution should be sought from local support staff.

All output on DS-Print printers is subject to charging, though individual Departments may provide a free quota for their students. Many institutions, and the Computing Service itself, charge by way of the "common balance". In this system, users pre-pay (by debit or credit card or by cash) into a credit balance which can then be used for printing on any printer linked to the common balance. Other institutions operate their own charging schemes (against a student's College bill, for example).

The University Information Service provides self service A4 laser printers in various Managed Cluster rooms, and A3 printing is available in the Phoenix Teaching Room 2 and Service Desk (New Museums Site) during Term only. By default all printing is one-sided but all the printers are capable of duplex (two-sided) printing.

More sophisticated printing facilities are available from the UIS Print Room and from the Photography & Illustration Service.

To send documents to a DS-Print printer (in a Managed Cluster or elsewhere), you need to install a suitable client program on your own machine. Until recently this was the iPrint client, but this facility has been replaced by PaperCut, for which support and instructions are available.

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