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Managed desktop machines (Managed Cluster Service)

balfour.jpgThe Managed Cluster Service (MCS) is for the use of all staff and students of Cambridge University, and provides networked PCs (Windows/Linux) and Apple Macintosh computers running a wide range of software, together with printers and scanners. The MCS machines provide access to the Desktop Services central filestore (known as DS-Filestore), and to central printing facilities (DS-Print); both of these can also be accessed from users' own machines elsewhere on the network. There is also a remote login service to Linux, giving access to your DS files and to appropriate Linux applications.  There is in general no access to MCS Windows or Macintosh applications from outside the MCS rooms.

University Information Services runs a number of public rooms (Managed Clusters), and many Colleges and Departments also have similar rooms for the use of their own members. Some rooms offer all three platforms (Windows, Macintosh, Linux), and others only one or two.  The service runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, subject to occasional downtime for scheduled work. Some of the public rooms are Teaching Rooms and reserved for courses at certain times.

All students and many members of staff are given Desktop Services accounts automatically when they join the University and can collect their login name and initial password by following the link from the Information Services home page. Any other member of the University may apply for a Desktop Services account.

Student accounts are normally cancelled at the end of the student's course (more details of the cancellation schedule).

For information on physical and software aids to accessibility, and on other specialist facilities for disabled users, see Accessibility and Information Services Facilities.

There are libraries of documentation to help you use software on the MCS in the Information Services public rooms, at the Service Desk and in other Managed Clusters.

For further information on software provision, locations, opening hours etc., select from the list on the left.

Last updated: March 2015