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Email program settings for Hermes

You need to configure your mail program with the secure settings described in these pages. Secure settings encrypt the connection and prevent your password travelling in plain text across the network. This means your password cannot be snooped and your account used by someone else. Secure settings will also allow you to use the mail program on your personal computer to send mail through Hermes when you are working at home (and not using the VPDN service) or are away from Cambridge.

These pages are intended for use if you are configuring a personal machine. On public machines, for example a PWF or a departmental system, the settings will have been made for you.

Note: If your mail program is one of the ones named in the menu, follow the instructions in that page. If it is not mentioned in the menu then there is a page that gives generic guidelines and also a page giving a list of ports and protocols supported by Hermes.

Settings for mobile devices (e.g. iPhone, Android) can be found on the mobile devices pages.

If you would also like to be able to look up Cambridge email addresses automatically, please see the pages on configuring your mail program to use the University LDAP Directory. Do this after you have set up your mail program to access Hermes.