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Hosting equipment in the UIS server room

Last updated: August 2013

This service lets institutions or research groups host modest amounts of equipment with moderate power needs in the UIS server room for an annual fee.

Service specifics

Hosted Server Space is rented in three units: thin slices, thick slices, and whole racks. Charges are payable annually in advance on 1st August and exclude VAT.

A thin slice costs £37.50 per month, and comes with

  • 1U of rack space
  • 0.75A of power
  • 2 leads terminating in C13 power connectors (attached to our PDU). UIS will give at least 1 working days notice of power work except in the case of an emergency. In general planned power work will only affect 1 socket. The supplied power will be backed by a UPS and a generator
  • 2 1000BASE-T network ports. These share a switch with the rest of the rack, and that switch has a 1Gbit/s connection to the CUDN, giving about 50 Mbit/s for each user.
  • 2 Operator time credits. 1 hour costs 1 credit during normal Operator hours and 1 hour costs 2 credits out of hours where there is an Operator available. Out of hours access in particular will be available on an ad-hoc basis.

A thick slice costs £50 per month and comes with

  • 2U of rack space
  • 1.00A of power
  • 2 power leads (see above)
  • 3 1000BASE-T network ports (see above)
  • 2 Operator time credits per year (see above)

A full rack costs £225 per month and comes with

  • 37U of rack space
  • 16A of power
  • 40 C13 power outlets across two PDUs (but no power leads)
  • no networking (see below)
  • unlimited access to servers in working hours

The full-rack offering is somewhat flexible and can be varied to suit the needs of specific users.

There are some other things which can be purchased on top of the basic package:

Network KVM

An annual charge for the rental of a dedicated network KVM. You are strongly encouraged to either use this KVM or to make sure your server has Lights Out Management (LOM). You are welcome to acquire your own KVM and install that, but any space it takes up or power it requires will need to be accounted for in your slices. There will normally be a monitor and keyboard on a trolley that can be used, but we cannot guarantee this. We would recommend that you bring a laptop (with Lapwing/eduroam) to connect through to either the KVM or your LOM subsystem. The KVMs we offer will have redundant power and optionally a pass through 100 base-T network connection. There is also a serial option. They will not count towards your power limit.

This will cost £145 per year (+VAT where applicable)

Networking options for full racks

Networking for full racks must be ordered separately. A common arrangement is a GBN dark-fibre circuit to the owning institution, which generally uses 1U of rack space. An alternative is a dedicated CUDN point of presence, which uses 2U of rack space, two power outlets and about 1A of power.

Operator time credit

If you need additional physical access to your server then this needs to be arranged. Operator time must be booked in advance. If you run out of credit then you will need to pay for more. Whilst we will permit you to book a limited amount of access without credit, the credit must be repaid promptly or service for your hosted equipment will be withdrawn. Operator time credit costs half our standard consultancy rate per credit.

Other options

Other options will normally be charged at our standard rates where we already offer them. Whilst we are happy to discuss further options in general we are not intending to offer a bespoke service.

Contact details

For information about this service please contact the .


  1. U: Also known as a Rack Unit, 1.75 inches, 44.45mm, the standard unit for heights of rack mount equipment
  2. Colloquially known as a
  3. Power Distribution Unit
  4. Network KVM: access to the graphical console of the server with control of the keyboard and mouseover the Internet. Normally this would require a fully featured web browser, although some other options may be available.
  5. Different manufacturers have different names for this. Intel has RMM (Remote Management Module). Dell has DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) available at different levels and different release levels. Sun has ALOM, ILOM and ELOM. HP has iLO.