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Guidelines for Personal Web pages on Computing Service systems

The following guidelines apply to personal Web pages published on the MCS or on other services run by the Computing Service.

1. Use must comply with:

The main restrictions in the above include forbidding the publication of material liable to bring the University into disrepute and material which is pornographic or which breaches copyright, the Data Protection Act etc.

2. When personal pages contain a mixture of purely personal and University, College or Departmental information, it should be clearly indicated that the nature of the pages is different. Purely personal pages must not give the impression that the material is published with the official sanction of the University, a College or some other institution. The shield from the arms of a College or the identifier of the University must not be used on personal web pages, although it or the departmental web templates may be used for work-related pages.

Further, it is the policy of the Information Strategy and Services Syndicate that institutions should be encouraged to set up and manage their own web servers; therefore the use of Computing Service systems (other than Managed Web Servers) for the publication of Departmental or College material is not normally granted.

Personal pages should not be used for the publication of group, club or society material. Special facilities are available for publishing information by registered University Societies (see leaflet M350) and groups. In addition, group web space may be requested on the Managed Web Server.

3. Personal web pages on the MCS may not be used for profit-making purposes or for the publishing of third party material without explicit written permission from the Director of the Computing Service. For more information about personal web pages on the MCS see leaflet M350. In case of doubt about material to be published, contact in the first instance.

Contravention of these guidelines is likely to be taken as evidence of misuse of the system and dealt with under the Information Technology Syndicate's disciplinary procedures.