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Managed Web Service: Introduction

The University Computing Service Managed Web Service (MWS) is available to groups that are able to write and maintain their own web pages, wish to have their own server, but are unable to run one. Web servers on the MWS are available to University institutions, sub-institutions and similar groups, such as established research groups. They may also be used for groups and research projects that span institutions. The MWS can also be used to host academic websites that are based in Cambridge, managed and maintained by University of Cambridge staff or, exceptionally, research students, but known by a non address. Note that Information Services Committee approval may be required if a MWS is for a non site, for which you should contact .

Before applying for a web server on the MWS institutions will need to have their own DNS name. Other groups will need to negotiate a name before applying to use the MWS. If you are thinking of a site with a non address you may wish to consider using the Managed Zone Service to provide name services.

Note that each site on the MWS must have a working webmaster email alias. This must be a role address and not be a personal email address.

Further details of managed web servers and how to set them up are available. There is also a FAQ.

There is no charge for a managed web server. Queries about the MWS may be made to To apply, please fill in the web application form.

Last updated:April 2010