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Introduction to network and telephone services

The Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN) connects departments, colleges and central services to each other, and to the Internet, including Janet. The name applies equally to the physical links, the active equipment, and the delivered service. The CUDN, Janet, and the Internet between them make it possible to retrieve information from sources all over the world.

The Telecommunications Office provides a variety of non-data communications services to colleges, departments, faculties and other institutions within the University.

The Network Division of the Computing Service is responsible for all aspects of the CUDN, and administers the GBN on behalf of the joint University and Colleges' GBN Management Committee.

Janet is the UK's higher education and research network which is operated by Janet(UK) on behalf of the HE Funding Councils' Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), and is one of the many networks which together make up the Internet. The current network infrastructure over which the Janet network service is provided is known as SuperJanet5.

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Last updated: January 2012

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, Lawful Business Practice Regulations & Data Protection Act 1998
As required by the above-mentioned UK legislation, the Computing Service advises all users of the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN) that: their communications may be intercepted as permitted by legislation; statistics of network traffic broken down by individual local IP address will be published on the Web so that administrators of institutional networks and of individual computers can be aware of the charges incurred by use of their computers.

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