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News Server

The University of Cambridge Usenet news server was shut down on 2 August 2010, at the same time as the closure of the JANET (UK academic network) News Feed Service which provided the externally-originated news articles.

The Forum web site ( has forums corresponding to the most active of the now-defunct local newsgroups (ucam.change.governance and ucam.adverts.*), but access is only available to staff and students, requiring Raven authentication.

Anyone wanting access to Usenet newsgroups will have to look to external providers. Home ISPs may provide newsgroup access (e.g. VirginMedia - ex-NTL - ex-Cambridge Cable - does), Google Groups ( provides a web interface, and Ian Jackson has offered free access to his news server from computers on the University network (see There are a variety of other sites offering newsgroup access, either free or at a price. The Computing Service cannot recommend any particular option.

Miscellaneous information about the news server

Some historical information about past use of the news server remains available: