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Software Update Service

Macintoshes running OS X 10.5 or 10.8 (client or server) within the University of Cambridge can now choose to obtain their software updates from the UCS Software Update Server instead of from Apple.

To use the UCS MacSUS Service:

  • Ensure your Mac is running OS X 10.5 to 10.8.
  • Download the UCS Mac Software Update Package.
    (Depending on your browser and download settings you may need to locate the downloaded UCS_MacSUS_Installer.dmg and mount it or this may happen automatically.)
  • From the mounted disk image, UCS Mac Software Update, double click UCSMacSoftwareUpdate.pkg to install the package.

This will:

  • Point your Software Update to UCS MacSUS server rather than the default Apple server.
  • Install the Revert to Apple Software Update.command script in /Applications/Utilities.

To Revert to using Apple Software Update Server:

  • Double-click the Revert to Apple Software Update.command script found in /Applications/Utilities to restore the default Apple settings.

What you can expect from this Software Update Service

  • Once you have installed the UCS Mac Software Update.pkg your Software Update will automatically point to
  • To confirm this go to Software Update from the Apple menu and this server address will appear in the window title bar.
  • Please note that you will NOT see the server address from the Software Update System Preference pane.
  • Apart from the server address you should notice no difference as regards obtaining software updates as these are all mirrored from Apple to MacSUS.

Updates are mirrored from Apple to Macsus every 2 hours 2 minutes.

SUS service for Managed Macs

In addition to the above service we also provide a MacSUS server for managed Macs which delivers the majority of Apple updates, but for example, does not host any updates which require manual intervention and therefore can cause an issue on managed machines. If you would like more details on using this service please concact Mac Support


Any feedback to Mac Support on the Installer or the service as a whole is very welcome.