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MCS known Problems

Known problems on MCS OS X Macintoshes

Please contact the Service Desk if you experience any problems that are not listed here.

March 2009

  • Problem: iMovie won't capture/import my video and gives the error: 'Can't Create Event, The import was canceled. You may not have the permission to write to /iMovie Events.localized'
  • Reason: iMovie doesn't work correctly with networked home directories and additionally you are unlikely to have enough space in your PWF home to store videos
  • Workaround: Connect an external storage device, a hard disk or a usb pen drive, before starting iMovie. This device can then be selected from the Save to: pop-up menu before creating a new event

November 2008

  • Problem: It is not possible to scan directly in ReadIris Pro
  • Reason: VueScan does not have the driver needed for ReadIris
  • Fix: None available
  • Workaround: Either scan using Vuescan and then import file into ReadIris or scan as Text in Vuescan and use the OCR facility within Vuescan

June 2008

  • Problem: Safari asks you to enter your Keychain password for the 'login' keychain.
  • Reason: Your Desktop Services password has been changed by some method other than on a MCS Mac
  • Fix: Navigate to your home/Library/Keychains and throw away the file login.keychain

October 2005

  • Problem: On logging in you are prompted to update your keychain
  • Reason: Keychain needs updating for some applications such as Safari, following an application update
  • Fix: Click OK to prevent the message appearing again

March 2004

  • Problem: Some documents do not print from Adobe applications correctly
  • Reason: Incompatibilities between some printers and binary PostScript
  • Workaround: Change the preferences for each offending application to send ASCII PostScript

Last updated 16 Sep 2014