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Introduction to MCS Linux

This page is largely historical.

For user documentation see the pages under the Managed Cluster Service.

Unix Support implemented a dual-boot system on the MCS PCs and the PCs of the Managed Clusters that have bought into the project. These PCs offer both Windows and Linux operating systems. Both will authenticate against the MCS and will offer the user's MCS home directory.

Queries regarding MCS Linux should in general be addressed to the .

Computing Service Desktop Services Pages
Computing Service information about Desktop Services in general rather than just the MCS Linux system.
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some questions we are asked frequently.
Why does MCS Linux not have ...
Certain standard packages have been removed. This document explains why.
MCS Linux design specification
This is the design specification for C4 Linux (MCS Linux's precursor) agreed with the Computer Laboratory. We have not achieved all aspects of it. These are labelled in the document.
Remote Access
MCS Linux is typically met as a workstation image. There is no mechanism for a user to remotely log on to use it. However, a variant of MCS Linux, called the MCS Linux remote access service, does exist. This describes who has access to it.