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Remote Access

It is possible to use a number of remote access MCS Linux servers via ssh, slogin, scp and sftp.

The remote access servers are in the UCS machine room and have the same image as the workstations except that the servers permit remote access.

Currently there exist:

Available to everyone with an MCS account

  • An sftp service which is run on a MCS Linux server which is accessible by sftp at the address
  • A general purpose service which is available at

Dedicated Institutional servers

Dedicated servers are purchased by institutions for use by users that they select. To date, two institutions have bought into the scheme: the Computer Laboratory and the Physics Department. Access to this type of systems is restricted by membership of a group.

Control over the membership of these groups is delegated to the institution in question. Do not apply to the Computing Service for membership. You should contact your course organiser, lecturer or director of studies if you think you have been left out of the group by accident.