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Why does MCS Linux not have...

Certain standard packages have been removed. This document explains why.

Network daemons

The design brief for MCS Linux states that the workstation PCs should be set up as network clients and not as server. It is a deliberate decision to block remote logins to these workstations. It is our intention that any processes initiated by a user will be due to the user sitting at the machine, or at least will involve the cooperation of said user (for practical work involving more than one system). In general users should not attempt to use MCS for long running jobs. Exceptions are where you need to do this on one of the departmental Remote Access servers, and have been given permisson by the department in question to do this.

E-mail applications

The design brief for MCS Linux states that all email should be handled by IMAP v4 to the server and that there should be no local delivery to the DS-Filestore. All generated email should be sent by SMTP to the smart host Any MUA (mail user agent) that cannot be configured to follow this specification is specifically unsupported. Those where we can set up a global configuration to follow this rule have, in general, had this done.