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Keeping Unix Systems Up To Date

Many security problems arise from systems being installed correctly but then being neglected. New security holes are found from time to time and it is ssential that patches and updates be regularly applied to a system if it is to be secure.

Unix Support provides the updates and patches for Red Hat Linux, Debian Linux, Solaris, Irix and Compaq Tru64 Unix. We also provide help for Solaris, Red Hat Linux and Debian Linux for systems to be compared against the available updates and patches.


Keeping a Compaq Tru64 Unix system up to date
A guide to installing the bundle of opreating system patches made available by Compaq.
Running dupatch
A worked example of installing a patch bundle. (Page one in a series of ten.)


Keeping a Solaris system up to date
A general guide to keeping a Sun up to date. Sun's patches fall into various categories. Some patches are publically avaialble, other require you to have a maintenance contract. Some are labelled as "recommended" and others as "security patches". The latter are typically recommended.
Applying the recommended patch bundle to a Solaris system
The specifics of applying the large number of Sun "recommended patches".
Checking a Solaris system against available patches
A tool provided by Unix Support to compare a Solaris system against the complete set of publicly available patches (not just the recommended set).

Red Hat Linux

Keeping Red Hat Systems Up To Date
A description of a locally written utility called rpmalert that compares your currently installed system against the patches available and performs some of the necessary upgrades.