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The Mirror Server


Unix Support provides a mirror of useful files from a variety of sources. We make these files available in a number of different ways. The original method was by NFS, and files were available from

Over time other protocols have been added:

There are some restrictions on which machines can access which of these trees. So only machines inside Cambridge can access the /camonly tree (except by http using a RAVEN password)

Mounting file systems from the server with Unix

Under Unix it is probably most convenient to make our filesystems accessible via NFS. As a quick and dirty hack, the following command will mount one of the top-level exports (the example uses /gnu) onto the dierectory /mnt on your system. Note that /mnt must not have anything mounted on it already. This mount will last until the next reboot or unmounting.

# mount -o ro /mnt

To unmount this directory, use the umount instruction.

# umount /mnt

If you get an error message "Device busy" then a process is still using the export, possibly as a current working directory or by having one of the files open for reading.

Mounting file systems from the server with Windows

Under windows it is probably most convenient to access the shares using SMB/CIFS. From a practical point of view this means either mapping a drive, or putting \\ into the location bar or an explorer window.

Using rsync to copy files from the server

Normal rsync usage applies. For example to copy the gnu hello tar balls you could do:
rsync -avz /tmp/hello