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Windows XP - End of Life

Windows XP – End of Life: 8 April 2014

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP  TODAY8 April 2014.

Machines bought before the release of Windows 7 (October 2009) are probably not worth upgrading and we strongly recommend purchasing a new PC.

The most recent Windows operating system is Windows 8.1. Check whether your PC can run Windows 8.1 by using the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

Transferring files and other settings

Windows Easy Transfer is the simplest way to transfer your data, whether you decide to upgrade your old PC, or buy a new Windows 8 machine. You will need a USB external disk to store the files you want to transfer.

Windows Easy Transfer isn't present by default in Windows XP, so it will need to be downloaded and installed.

Download Windows Easy Transfer

Detailed advice is available in Microsoft's Guide to Using Microsoft Easy Transfer.  Easy Transfer will not transfer non-Microsoft applications.

Getting Windows 8.1

The cheapest way to do this is to get the academic version of 8.1 from the Microsoft store.

Application compatibility

Most applications will have a Windows-8 compatible version available. If you are not sure whether or not an application will work in Windows 8, consult the vendor's website.

Office 2003 support runs out at the same time as Windows XP, so you will need to purchase a newer version of Office. Office 2013/365 can also be purchased from the Microsoft Store.

For further advice, please email

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