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Windows Software Update Services


Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) is the updated version of Software Update Services (SUS). WSUS will provide the ability to update various supported Microsoft Operating systems and applications including Windows Critical patches and service packs. For a full list see The Windows-Support WSUS Server Configuration page.

This information and the WSUS service is aimed at Techlinks and managed machines. Stand alone users, particularly students should review the information at the stand alone user security page.

Installing a WSUS Server

You should review the minimum specs for a WSUS server - see the Microsoft documentation. For normal use with less than 15000 clients a reasonable spec server with 1Gb of RAM and a good sized harddrive will suffice, you should not need RAID.

WSUS Server Install information

Running a WSUS Server

Typically you will just want to have updates approved and issued to your clients or groups of clients.

This guide will show you the process of setting the basic WSUS options for running in a fairly simple environment, i.e. downloading updates and approving for install.

WSUS Server configuration

Automatic Update Configuration

To use a WSUS server you need to configure the Automatic Updates client on your machines. The client comes with 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7 in all versions.

Client configuration for WSUS

Windows-Supports WSUS Server info

Windows-Support WSUS server info

External Information

Microsofts WUS pages are at: