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The Windows-Support WSUS Server Configuration

The WSUS server run by Windows-Support ( is configured to accept clients within the namespace and below, checked by name and IP ranges.

Microsoft WSUS Technical Library Information

To view the WSUS Technical Library go to:

Product Updates Available

All of the supported products are available from this server, in 32-bit and 64-bit (where available). These include all the current versions of:

  • Windows
    • Exchange
      • Office
        • SQL Server
          • Forefront
            • Systems Managememt Server
              • Visual Studio
                • Windows Live
                  • Windows Small Business Server

                      Where versions are not listed it should be assumed that all currently supported versions of that product are supported. For example all versions of Windows 2000 are supported (Professional, Server, Advanced Server) and Windows XP Home and Professional.

                      Update Types

                      The following types of update are downloaded:

                      • Critical Updates
                      • Definition Updates
                      • Security Updates
                      • Service Packs
                      • Update Roll Ups
                      • Updates

                      The following types of update are not downloaded:

                      • Drivers
                      • Feature Packs
                      • Tools

                      General Info

                      The server checks for updates daily.

                      All updates are selected to be installed on release, the exception being service packs where a short delay will be given before approval.