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Equipment hire, web conferencing and consultancy

Portable kit: 

Lifesize Team 220, Tandberg 990 MXP and Tandberg 6000 IP/ISDN codec

Hire any of these three hardware videoconferencing solutions to connect at your own University site with your own display device (projector or screen), sound system (lecture theatre audio system, computer speakers) and IP connection.  (ISDN, audio-only, recording and live streaming options are available via the UK's academic bridge service, JVCS).

Hire cost is £40 per hour of conference use. Training given.

Polycom Roundtable camera


The Polycom camera is ideal for group videoconferences using desktop-based software (eg Adobe Connect, Skype, iChat, Webex).The Polycom sits in the middle of your table. Its six built–in cameras and microphones automatically transmit seamlessly from whoever is talking. No need to press buttons to swap between local speakers.  £25 per hour of conference use. Training given.

Headsets and microphones

We have a wide and frequently–updated range of headsets and microphones which may be hired.

Webconferencing solutions on– and off–site

As well as HD studio hardware, our studios also offer computer solutions: Skype, iChat, Webex, etc. These setups may be used by one person with webcam and headset, or may be connected via our projector or Polycom for a larger local audience in our studio.  Costs same as for studio hire.

Consultancy and pre-purchase advice

We offer free advice and consultancy to anyone wishing to set up their own local videoconferencing or webconferencing solutions. We run a showcase of currently available products which you are welcome to come and see.

For further information:

Please telephone (01223 3)35477 or email