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Wireless networking at Cambridge

The University of Cambridge Wireless service provides wireless coverage at most departments, many colleges and outdoor locations throughout the University and the city centre. Three services are supported:

  • UniOfCam. This browser-based service is available to holders of Raven accounts who are registered as current users (principally current University staff and students) and to guests of the University who have a temporary ticket. This is the simpler connection method as it requires no special configuration. If you need to provide wireless access to a visitor to the University, this is the service to use if they do not have an eduroam account.


  • eduroam is an international initiative for academic visitors or internal users. To use eduroam you will need to explicitly configure your wireless device. A handy eduroam configuration tool is available to help you with this and it is a free download. If you are a visitor to Cambridge you need to setup eduroam before you arrive in Cambridge. Instructions for Cambridge users are available in the these pages.


  • The Cloud. This is a free to use service for the general public available in some of the parks and open spaces around Cambridge. The accounts are with The Cloud - a private company -  rather than the University and are created using a self registration method.