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Configuring eduroam - Ubuntu 10.04 LTS "Lucid Lynx"

Note that the screenshots show the default theme - other themes can have different icons.

Note that if you use KDE rather than Gnome you will need to convert the certificate format following the instructions in steps 1 to 4 of the Unix section of Converting the root CA for use on mobile devices (the remaining steps are mobile device specific).

Configuration steps

Make sure that you have your credentials (eduroam identifier and Network access token (username and password)) from the UCS Tokens service.

  1. From the top menu bar select the networks icon.
    networks icon from top menu bar
  2. From the menu that appears select eduroam
    network selection choice box
  3. Complete the Wireless Network Authentication Required dialogue box as shown below
    user details
    • use your own eduroam identifier in the Username: box
    • use your own Network access token in the Password: box).
    • click on the CA Certificate: widget to open a file browser window:
      • Click File System in the Places column
      • Double-click on etc in the right hand column
      • Scroll down and double-click on ssl in the right hand column
      • Double-click on certs in the right hand column
      • Double-click on AddTrust_External_Root.pem
        AddTrust_External_Root certificate

      The dialog box should close and the AddTrust… name will show in the CA Certificate: widget

  4. Select Connect

Your computer will now be authenticated to the network, after that you should be able to access the internet. If you get an error saying that authentication has failed, double-check the above steps. If you are still unable to connect, then contact the Service Desk for assistance.

All the settings you have made are stored in your computer and should not need re-entering each time you connect to the eduroam network.